Our PEO in Turkey model has been fully adapted to the Turkish Market for more than 16 years. Are you a foreign company? Do you have a legal structure in Turkey? We can support you by recruiting an employee for you. We will pay all their taxes and salary. Are you a foreigner? We will support you to get a work permit in our country, and we will offer you the opportunity to work for your company abroad by being employed inside our structure. Please find more information on the PEO in Turkey process below.

Our 5-step PEO Turkey process

A Payroll in Turkey agreement

Initially, a Payroll agreement is established between the employee and the PEO in Turkey company. This agreement defines the rights and obligations of each party, specifies the calculation of the  remuneration method, and amount of the management costs of the Umbrella company based in Turkey.

A service contract

Once you have found a client and negotiated your conditions, a service contract is established between the client and the employee.

We provide you with the appropriate commercial support.

An employment contract

You become an employee of PEO Turkey through an employment contract.

This employment contract must be signed before starting any assignment, ensuring that you are fully covered legally and socially.

The mission

You then carry out the assignment in accordance with the signed service contract.

An activity and billing report

At the end of the month or at the end of the job, you send us an activity report duly validated by the client.

We will invoice your services and establish your salary on this basis.

With us, you receive your salary at the end of the month, even before your customer settles the invoice

 Our added value

Attractive management fees and a fully advanced salary

The ease of commencing work while providing you with a salaried status: PEO Turkey is one of the leading Payroll in Turkey companies to pay you a salary at the end of each month, even before receiving customer settlement, with costs of management among the lowest on the market.

Management fees will decline depending on your billing and the ability to manage your professional expenses.

Social and salary optimisation according to your needs

With the management taking care of your personal expenses, we assure you optimisation of your remuneration.

Access to an extended network

PEO Turkey has more than 16 years of expertise in advice, service and management of careers and skills.

As such, we have a database of more than 100,000 profiles:

Does your company have skills requirements?

Our team of consultants and project managers will support you throughout your HR recruitment or outsourcing needs.

Are you a consultant needing to build a team to position yourself with a client?

Contact us, and we will make sure to put you in touch with the expert of your choice.

Are you looking for jobs? Consult our job offers.

Come and visit us

Our offices are located in Istanbul. We welcome you to visit or we can come to meet you.

Please be in touch with our team if you are looking for more information about PEO Turkey.



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