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The advantages of Payroll Turkey Company :

You can devote yourself entirely to your activity without being worried about the administrative procedures, which are done by the Payroll Turkey company.

The employee is salaried, he therefore benefits from social security (sickness, unemployment, retirement)

The scope is autonomous: you choose your missions, your customers and your fees

There is no turnover cap, unlike auto-entrepreneur status

The employees own the customers they have solicited: the Payroll companies are only intermediaries and do not intervene in the mission performed by the employee.

No experience is necessary. Payroll Turkey Company is a legal structure that allows anyone, even a student, to be self-employed. If you do not have experience it is still possible to find customers (it’s up to you to convince them!)

Payroll Turkey Company can be coupled with auto-entrepreneur status or even with another job.

But the Umbrella services does not only have advantages. Among the biggest drawbacks are:

A very high cost: Payroll companies that act as intermediaries between you and your customer take commissions on each mission you perform. Fees are typically in the order of 10% of the fees you charge to the customer. Then you must also pay the social security contributions that are deducted from the remaining amount.

The Payroll Turkey companies validate the missions before signing any contract. And they often refuse those whose fees are too low.

What activities are allowed via Payroll Turkey ?

All activities are not allowed with the Payroll Company. In fact, only “intellectual service” activities are accepted: advice to companies, expertise, training, project management, marketing, etc. Moreover, activities whose profession is governed by the law are prohibited (medicine, lawyers, experts). accountants etc …)

It is therefore not possible to use the solution of the portage salary if you want to open an e-commerce site. Unless you sell only documents that you have written.






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