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What is an umbrella company ?

Umbrella Company Turkey is an alternative to starting a business that allows professionals to do business easily. This status allows them to benefit from the advantages of independence and employee status without the disadvantages.

The “paid” professional becomes an employee of the payroll company by signing an employment contract with it. He is autonomous in his prospection, his negotiation and the realization of his missions. He invoices his clients through the payroll company.

Each month, his turnover is paid to him in the form of salary and expenses. To do this, the umbrella company Turkey company levies a commercial commission as well as the expenses that it transfers to the various contribution funds.

By opting for umbrella company, the independent professional is exempt from administrative constraint. The risks related to its activity are also limited.

Thus, if he wishes to put an end to his project, he can break the employment contract that binds him to his payroll company as in a conventional job.

The operation of Umbrella Company Turkey

From a contractual point of view, the umbrella company sets up two contracts with its scope: the membership agreement corresponds to the commercial contract that binds it to its payroll company. It sets the framework for their collaboration. The contract of employment, meanwhile, is triggered from the first mission of the worn.

As far as the customer is concerned, the scope has the possibility of working on the signed quote or the order form. He can also set up a service contract. The latter is provided in the majority of the cases by the umbrella company Turkey.

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