Why is Umbrella Company in Turkey advantageous for web professionals?

It is true that freelance activity on the web attracts more and more each year. You are still hesitating to get started and naturally ask yourself questions about Umbrella Company Turkey, an increasingly popular status in the web and IT professions. Payroll is a status allowing you to test the activity of your choice. During this period, you’ll be a salaried employee. The Payroll Turkey is a tripartite relationship between the employee carried (you), the Umbrella company and the client. Within this legal framework, the employee brought in performs a service for the attention of a client company.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the advantageous points of this status, helping you to make your choice.

First advantage of Umbrella Company in Turkey : Start your activity, in full autonomy

You don’t have to set up your own structure first. All administrative procedures as well as invoicing are managed by the Umbrella Company in Turkey company.

You can thus mobilize more time for your approaches to your customers and to the development of your activity. You have time for prospecting. In this way, defining the terms of the mission contract will be easier, as will planning the intervention and negotiating the financial aspects.

Complete freedom of organization is thus accessible to you, as is the choice of your missions. You have the freedom to negotiate your fees with your clients, you will set your rates according to your know-how and expertise, the rarity of your specialization and your sector of activity. You have a secure status to fully develop your aspirations as an entrepreneur.

Second advantage of Umbrella Company in Turkey : employee’s status

Being linked to Umbrella Company in Turkey company, via an employment contract, you benefit from the advantages of employee’s status. Thus, you benefit from social security, pension rights, unemployment insurance, provident schemes and also from a complementary company mutual. You can also benefit from continuing education, or from workshops or network events organized by your Umbrella Company in Turkey company. This hybrid status can be compared to a safety net, with professional liability insurance.

Benefits normally reserved for employees, they also concern salaried employees. In short, you are covered thanks to comprehensive social protection.

In addition, the turnover you make is converted into salary. Thus, the Umbrella Company in Turkey deducts the social charges as well as a commission concerning the management costs, on your turnover collected.

Third advantage: possibility to invoicing

In order to invoice your missions, it is not compulsory for you to set-up a legal structure. As a focused employee, you invoice your customers directly and independently. You are the captain of your business planning in Umbrella Company Turkey concept.

Fourth advantage: manage the development of its activity

As a focused employee under Payroll in Turkey, you delegate the administrative part, management … You optimize your time and energy for the growth of your activity and missions. Namely, this status of salaried employee gives you the opportunity to prospect your clientele and keep your client list, even if you interrupt the collaboration established with the Umbrella Company in Turkey company. You remain the owner of all of your customers.

Fifth advantage: minimization of risks and less investment

Indeed, you are not required to register in the commercial register or to create your company as an independent. You will therefore not be bothered to find an adequate status. An investment is necessary to start your own business, from a financial but also a personal point of view. This creation can constitute a risk taking which can turn out to be significant depending on the project, the legal structure selected and the family situation of the self-employed.

As a focused employee, you can start your self-employed activity from the first mission. You will not have to undergo the heavy management of the liquidation or termination procedure if the project changes. You will just have to put an end to your relationship with the Umbrella Company in Turkey company. Total freedom of work, a rhythm and personalized schedules!

Sixth advantage: a status open to all

This status of salaried employee can be adopted for an activity launch desired by employees, freelancers, project creators, retirees, young graduates … with expertise and qualification. You can carry out a simulation with a Umbrella Company in Turkey company with which you can discuss your professional project.

Seventh advantage: correlation between professional and private life

You will be able to benefit from a timetable established by your care and in phase with your personal life. If you want to give yourself free time to share with family, friends or just for your hobbies, you organize yourself according to your motivations and workload. You also have the opportunity to select the workplace, the most suitable for your activity, in co-working space, at home, or at a customer.

Adaptation of PEO Model for Turkish Market

Our PEO in Turkey model is fully adapted to Turkish Market since more than 16 years. You are a foreign company ? You do not have any legal structure in Turkey ? We can support you by employing an employee for you. We will pay all his taxes and salary. You are a foreigner ? We will support you to get a work permit in our country, and we will offer you the opportunity to work for your company based abroad by being employed inside our structure. Please find more informations on our PEO in Turkey process below.

Our 5-step PEO Turkey process

A Payroll in Turkey agreement

Initially, a Payroll agreement is established between employee and PEO in Turkey company. This agreement defines the rights and obligations of each party, specifies calculating remuneration method of and the amount of the management costs of the Umbrella company based in Turkey.

A service contract

Once you have found a client and negotiated with him the conditions of your intervention, a service contract is established between the client and the employee.

We provide you the appropriate commercial support.

An employment contract

You become an employee of our PEO Turkey through an employment contract.

This employment contract must be signed before starting any assignment, ensuring that you are fully covered legally and socially.

The mission

You then carry out the assignment in accordance with the signed service contract.

An activity and billing report

At the end of the month or at the end of the mission, you send us an activity report duly validated by the client.

We will invoice your service and establish your salary on this basis.

With us, you receive your salary at the end of the month, even before your customer settles the invoice

 Our PEO Turkey added value

Attractive management fees and a fully advanced salary

The ease of developing an activity while providing you with salaried status: PEO Turkey is one of the leading Payroll in Turkey companies to pay you a salary at the end of each month, even before receiving customer settlement, with costs of management among the lowest on the market.

Management fees will declinedepending on your billing, and the ability to manage your professional expenses.

Social and salary optimization according to your needs

With the management, on request, of your personal expenses, we assure you an optimization of your remuneration.

Access to an extended network

Our PEO Turkey, which has more than 16 years of expertise in advice, service and management of careers and skills.

As such, we have a base of more than 100,000 profiles:

Company, do you have skills needs?

Our team of consultants and project managers will support you throughout your HR recruitment or outsourcing needs.

Consultant, do you need to build a team to position yourself with a client?

Contact us, and we will make sure to put you in touch with the expert of your choice. Are you looking for missions? Consult our mission offers.

Meet us easily

Our offices are located in Istanbul. We can easily receive you or come to meet you.

Please be in touch with our team if you are looking for more information about PEO Turkey.


Payroll – Advantages in Turkey

Working under a Payroll in Turkey companies is an advantage for employees.

Payroll in Turkey services offer designed by user consultants

Historically developed by consultants as part of a consulting and transition management firm, Payroll in Turkey is available at our company in a global approach, integrating all the services necessary for the well-being of the employee and the ability to refocus on the core business of the entrepreneur. To meet the need for perfect management transparency, our Payroll Turkey company commits to a percentage of gross salary refunds on fees that varies between 62 and 65% depending on the forecast monthly turnover. This commitment allows the entrepreneur to perfectly control the visibility of his income and to access all of our PEO services.

Our Umbrella Company Turkey management services have been thought out and designed as a whole fully accessible to each entrepreneur-employee, who thus has:

  • Tailor-made support according to their profile and expectations by a dedicated account manager
  • Assistance on the legal and commercial finalization of its projects
  • A total salary advance regardless of the settlement times of its customers
  • A quality pension and an à la carte mutual fund
  • From the management of professional costs that cannot be billed to the client in the real world (on supporting documents) and / or the fixed price (compensation for professional costs in the form of flat-rate allowances in proportion to the days worked)
  • A leisure works council

A deeply human support is present in our Payroll Turkey Company

Our company network voluntarily remains on a human scale: only active consultants have their place.

All of our entrepreneurs are interested in the development of the network by a cooptation bonus for any new sponsored entry or in the turnover of the consultants for whom they would carry out a hunting mission, responding to the specifications of a consultant or a company. This interest in cooptation and the links that we develop between all contribute to the image of « family home » which makes Johnson HR famous.

An agile Payroll in Turkey organization focused on skills development

To keep the priority given to people and to the care given to each one, our Payroll Turkey company has set up a fluid, reactive and digital organization: all implementation of service contracts and work contracts is done during the day thanks to perfectly adjusted processes, using the electronic signature and an intuitive platform.

Working conditions and Payroll Turkey

For many of you, a new life in Turkey comes with the prospect of a new job. Whether you are transferred to the Turkish branch of your company, you intend to find a job on your own, or you use the services of Payroll in Turkey Company, you need to know your rights as a worker.

Here is an overview of working conditions in Turkey.


Work permit and Payroll Turkey

Foreigners wishing to work in Turkey (under a Payroll in Turkey company or not) must obtain a work permit.

Turkish employment contracts

You can be employed on the basis of an open-ended, fixed-term or temporary (less than 30 days), full-time or part-time contract. Some contracts include a 2-month trial period during which both the employer and the employee can interrupt the collaboration without any formality.

Good to know :

The renewal or extension of a fixed-term contract automatically renews it into an open-ended contract.

Your employer must send you a document in writing, detailing your working conditions (hours, basic salary and possible bonuses, fringe benefits, duration, etc.)


Compensation in Turkey

Wages are freely determined beyond a floor. In 2020, the gross monthly minimum wage was 2.943 Turkish liras. This amount was also applicable for employees working under an Umbrella Company in Turkey.

Turkish law also sets guidelines for the minimum remuneration of certain professions. Thus, senior managers are expected to receive 6.5 times the general minimum wage; the multiplier drops to 4 for engineers and architects, to 3 for teachers and 1.5 times the minimum wage for domestic helpers.

Wages must be paid monthly at most.

Schedules and holidays in Turkey

Legal working hours are capped at 45 hours per week (valid also for Payroll Turkey companies), with a maximum of 11 hours per day. Night work is limited to 7.5 hours.

Your employer must ask for your consent for the overtime hours for which you will receive an additional 50%.

National holidays give the right to paid holidays. Working on a holiday will earn you double pay.

The number of days of paid vacation to which you are entitled depends, moreover, on your seniority within the company: from 14 days per year if you have been employed for less than 5 years to 26 days of vacation after a contract of 15 years.

Good to know :

Most office workers work from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday to Friday.

Breach of contract

An employment contract may be terminated on the initiative of the employer or the employee, with advance notice varying according to the duration of the contract.

In companies employing more than 30 employees, the dismissal of an employee on an open-ended contract and with seniority of more than 6 months must be motivated by a valid cause, linked either to the performance or to the conduct of the employee, or to the operational requirements of the company. Not showing up for work during sick leave or maternity leave do not typically constitute valid reasons.

An employee dismissed without any valid reason can claim reinstatement as well as damages.

Both parties are free to terminate the contract without notice in the event of serious illness, inappropriate behavior by the other party or failure by the other party to fulfill its obligations.

Collective redundancies are subject to special conditions and involve the trade unions, as well as the Turkish Labor Organization, which strive to negotiate the most advantageous termination conditions for employees.

Little advice :

As in many other countries, employees in the tertiary sector are supposed to dress conventionally (suit or at least shirt for men, tailor or at least plain attire for women). Casual Fridays are not common in Turkey.

Where to start to find a job in Turkey ?

Whatever region you plan to settle in, a professional network is invariably the best asset for finding a job in Turkey. If your local network is not yet developed, participating in networking events such as Meetups can help you build one and meet the right people.

In addition, you may be able to find interesting opportunities on general or specialized job sites, or in classified ads.

Turks are very active on social networks and professional networking platforms such as LinkedIn are widely used by recruiters looking for candidates. Make sure your profile is up to date and don’t hesitate to contact the companies that you think fit your profile.

In general, remember that you have nothing to lose by sending spontaneous applications to Recruitment Turkey companies.

The advantages of Payroll Turkey Company

The advantages of Payroll Turkey Company :

You can devote yourself entirely to your activity without being worried about the administrative procedures, which are done by the Payroll Turkey company.

The employee is salaried, he therefore benefits from social security (sickness, unemployment, retirement)

The scope is autonomous: you choose your missions, your customers and your fees

There is no turnover cap, unlike auto-entrepreneur status

The employees own the customers they have solicited: the Payroll companies are only intermediaries and do not intervene in the mission performed by the employee.

No experience is necessary. Payroll Turkey Company is a legal structure that allows anyone, even a student, to be self-employed. If you do not have experience it is still possible to find customers (it’s up to you to convince them!)

Payroll Turkey Company can be coupled with auto-entrepreneur status or even with another job.

But the Umbrella services does not only have advantages. Among the biggest drawbacks are:

A very high cost: Payroll companies that act as intermediaries between you and your customer take commissions on each mission you perform. Fees are typically in the order of 10% of the fees you charge to the customer. Then you must also pay the social security contributions that are deducted from the remaining amount.

The Payroll Turkey companies validate the missions before signing any contract. And they often refuse those whose fees are too low.

What activities are allowed via Payroll Turkey ?

All activities are not allowed with the Payroll Company. In fact, only « intellectual service » activities are accepted: advice to companies, expertise, training, project management, marketing, etc. Moreover, activities whose profession is governed by the law are prohibited (medicine, lawyers, experts). accountants etc …)

It is therefore not possible to use the solution of the portage salary if you want to open an e-commerce site. Unless you sell only documents that you have written.




Umbrella Company Turkey

What is an umbrella company ?

Umbrella Company Turkey is an alternative to starting a business that allows professionals to do business easily. This status allows them to benefit from the advantages of independence and employee status without the disadvantages.

The « paid » professional becomes an employee of the payroll company by signing an employment contract with it. He is autonomous in his prospection, his negotiation and the realization of his missions. He invoices his clients through the payroll company.

Each month, his turnover is paid to him in the form of salary and expenses. To do this, the umbrella company Turkey company levies a commercial commission as well as the expenses that it transfers to the various contribution funds.

By opting for umbrella company, the independent professional is exempt from administrative constraint. The risks related to its activity are also limited.

Thus, if he wishes to put an end to his project, he can break the employment contract that binds him to his payroll company as in a conventional job.

The operation of Umbrella Company Turkey

From a contractual point of view, the umbrella company sets up two contracts with its scope: the membership agreement corresponds to the commercial contract that binds it to its payroll company. It sets the framework for their collaboration. The contract of employment, meanwhile, is triggered from the first mission of the worn.

As far as the customer is concerned, the scope has the possibility of working on the signed quote or the order form. He can also set up a service contract. The latter is provided in the majority of the cases by the umbrella company Turkey.

Please contact us if you any request regarding Umbrella services in Turkey. Our team will be ready to support your business goals in this country.