Ukraine will become a production base for Bayraktar TB2, Akıncı and Kizilelma drones, all produced in Turkey.

According to the Russian agency TASS, naturally concerned in the first place, Haluk Bayraktar, general manager of the company “Baykal Makine” declared that the construction of the Turkish factory for the manufacture of drones of the “Bayraktar” type in Turkey has started in Ukraine. He also specified that this plant will be paired with a cutting-edge research center. Russia, “Armenia’s ally” will therefore be able in the months to come to judge on its own troops the effectiveness of this armament which mowed down a large part of the Armenian youth during the “44-day war”, from 27 September to November 9, 2020.

Recall that the Turkish president visited kyiv on February 3. His visit then gave rise to the signing of eight documents by the two countries: a framework agreement on cooperation in the field of high technologies, the aviation and space sectors, agreements on free trade , on cooperation in the field of youth policy, on cooperation in the field of taxation, memorandums of understanding in the field of standardization and quality, in the field of taxation, an action plan on the mutual recognition of authorized economic operators and a protocol between the governments of the two countries amending the law enforcement cooperation agreement. There is no doubt that this last paragraph will be of particular interest to the European Union and the United States, compulsive defenders of “human rights”.

On July 19, the Ukrainian government approved the draft law on the ratification of cooperation agreements with Turkey which will allow the construction of this drone production and maintenance factory.

Curiously, neither this cooperation between Turkey and Ukraine, nor the gas agreements between Azerbaijan, another “ally” of Russia in the South Caucasus, and the “Westerners” seem to pose a problem in Moscow.

It is true that we do not get angry between autocrats.



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