Expanding a business into a new international market is an exciting endeavor, but it comes with its own set of challenges. When considering entering the Turkish market, one crucial decision is to find the right Country Manager. This key individual will serve as the driving force behind your business’s success in Turkey.

In this article, we’ll explore the important aspects of recruiting a Country Manager for your operations in Turkey.

Understanding the Turkish Market

Before diving into the recruitment process, it’s essential to understand the Turkish market. Turkey boasts a strategic geographic location that bridges Europe and Asia, offering significant growth potential. Its dynamic economy, young population, and a strong entrepreneurial spirit make it an attractive destination for businesses seeking international expansion. Turkey’s diverse culture and business environment, however, require a nuanced approach. A Country Manager who understands this complexity is vital.

Key Qualities of a Country Manager in Turkey


A successful Country Manager in Turkey should have a deep understanding of the local market, including business practices, cultural nuances, and regulations. They should be well-versed in the Turkish legal system and tax environment.

Proficiency in Turkish is a significant advantage. While English is widely spoken, conducting business in the local language can build trust and facilitate smoother operations.

The ability to establish and maintain strong relationships with local partners, government authorities, and industry players is critical for market penetration.

Turkey’s business environment can be dynamic and subject to rapid changes. A Country Manager should be flexible and capable of adapting to evolving circumstances.

The selected individual should be a strong leader who can motivate and manage a team, ensuring everyone works toward the common goal of business growth and success.

Recruitment Process

The process of recruiting a Country Manager for Turkey should be comprehensive and well-planned:

Clearly outline your expectations and requirements for the role, taking into account the specific needs of your business in Turkey.

Consider collaborating with local executive search firms or consultants who can provide insights into the Turkish talent pool.

Leverage your industry connections and local networks to identify potential candidates. Attend industry events and business forums in Turkey.

Conduct thorough interviews, including competency-based and situational interviews. Assess the candidates’ knowledge of the Turkish market and their problem-solving abilities.

Assess how well candidates align with your company culture. A good cultural fit will foster smoother integration.

Verify the candidates’ credentials and conduct background checks to ensure their reliability.

Onboarding and Support

Once you’ve selected a Country Manager, it’s crucial to provide the necessary onboarding and ongoing support. This includes:

Help the new Country Manager understand your company’s global strategy, values, and goals.

Assist in acclimating them to the Turkish market, including compliance, market dynamics, and cultural norms.

Provide continuous support, regular communication, and resources to help the Country Manager succeed in their role.

Recruiting a Country Manager for your business in Turkey is a pivotal step in your international expansion journey. A well-chosen individual with local expertise, language skills, and leadership qualities can significantly impact your success in this vibrant market. Remember to invest time and resources in the recruitment process and provide the necessary support to ensure your Country Manager’s success in building and growing your business in Turkey. With the right leadership, your venture in Turkey can thrive and tap into the country’s immense potential.

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