In Turkey, the General Communiqué on the Application of the National Vehicle Identification System (Row No: 1) was officially announced in the Official Gazette No. 32330 on October 5, 2023.

This communiqué outlines the following key points regarding the National Vehicle Identification System Application:

  1. Introduction of the obligation to install the National Vehicle Identification System at fuel stations, along with the establishment of specific procedures and principles for its implementation.
  2. Implementation of regulations concerning the automatic transmission of license plate information to the new generation fuel pump payment recorder devices at fuel station businesses and the determination of technical specifications for the system.
  3. Establishment of guidelines for information sharing about the system and other procedures and principles within the scope of the application.

As per this regulation:

  1. Vehicles acquired through leasing or used in business activities are required to have a Vehicle Identification Unit installed by December 31, 2024.
  2. Vehicle Identification Units produced by the Mint will be placed on the fuel tank entrance of vehicles.
  3. Fuel pumps at fuel stations must be equipped with a Vehicle Identification Reader Device.
  4. During fuel sales, vehicle license plate information will be automatically transmitted to the new generation pump and payment recorder devices as part of the system. The payment recorder devices will generate receipts containing information indicating their use within the National Vehicle Identification System, with specific details provided in the technical guide to be published by the Presidency at
  5. Failure to comply with these regulations will result in documents issued outside the scope of this Communiqué being considered as if they were never issued, according to Article 227 of the Tax Procedure Law.

Furthermore, penalties specified in Law No. 213 will be imposed on those who do not adhere to the procedures and principles outlined in the Communiqué or who fail to meet the stipulated obligations within the specified timeframes.

The Communiqué is effective as of its publication date, as announced in the Official Gazette.

For additional information or inquiries, please get in touch with your customer representative. You can access the relevant Official Gazette (in Turkish) from the provided link.

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